An Introduction to the History of Bibliology in Mexico ( Online Seminar, 8x, May 2-24, 2022), Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas, Seminario Interdisciplinario de Bibliología (SIB), Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG) and Centre for Mexican Studies

Bibliology is the discipline that studies the book as an object, in its historical and technical aspects; it considers, in history, the materials with which it has been made, its type of binding, its calligraphy, typography and illustrations. It also analyses aspects such as the number of manuscript or printed copies at different times, their distribution and recipients, and the industrialization and marketing of the book.

This discipline has been practised in Mexico in various academic spaces over time. The Interdisciplinary Bibliology Seminar, SIB, was founded in June 2012 within UNAM's Institute of Bibliographic Research, becoming the first specialized space for bibliological research, and book and publishing studies.

We celebrate ten years of SIB with this cycle of lectures, by offering a general historical overview of some of the main themes in the history of bibliographic and bibliological culture in Mexico. The content is organised into themes within a wide temporal scope, distributed into four sections: 1. The Pre-Hispanic Period and the Encounter with Spain, 2. Printing in New Spain, 3. The Nineteenth Century, and 4. Printing in Mexico in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Leading historians, art historians, conservators and restorers, designers, typographers and scholars of Mexican literature have been invited to give the eleven talks.

With this cycle, we intend to divulge some of the work of bibliology, and book and publishing studies from Mexico to other academic spaces and latitudes.